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Where are the PIKE in Wabamun Lake?


Here's some newsSince the walleye were stocked in the lake a few years ago, customers and the general public have been asking where all the pike disappeared to?  The above photos were taken

in a span of 4 weeks during the winter of 2020/21. There is still a good healthy population of pike

in wabamun lake. In the summer time these pike feed heavily on walleye, frogs, 

small ground fish, white fish, small mammals and small birds. so few large pike are caught during this time.

In the winter time most of the summer time food for pike is no longer available to them. they 

still feed on walleye and white fish if they catch them. the cold water slows the pike down

and they don't chase after.

This is why ice fishing works well with still bait on the end of your lines, the above photos show different size pike and all were caught with a half ounce jig tipped with a minnow and held motionless near the bottom of the lake.

we hope everyone has a great ice fishing season.

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